If you have just created a SOCIO account there are few things you can look at right away to get the most out of the product quickly.


Create a Project

Project is a logical grouping of social media accounts. Use “Create Project” button. Project can represent a set of social accounts, set of social searches or a set of campaigns. All reports run at the project level – so figuring out the best way to organize your social media accounts is key. Projects are in many ways like folders to files.
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Add Social Media accounts to your project

Once the project is created it is time to add social media accounts to that project. Follow the “Add Account” link located in several spots on the dashboard for added convenience. We support quite a few social networks – add as many accounts as you need. Don’t forget to add your Google Analytics profile.
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Publish a Campaign

Our campaign management is more than a simple publication tool. It has many publishing options: custom messages, RSS content syndication, scheduling, recurring messages, etc. While the convenience of being to publish to multiple channels at once is important, the key value of Social Report campaign manager is the analytics.
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Setup a Search Agent

You can monitor buzz around any keywords you like. Just create a new Search Agent, select options: keywords you want to track, social networks you would like us to search, strictness of search you would like us to apply, etc, etc.

Tip: To create an agent click on “Search Agent” tab
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Get a Daily Digest

We send a daily email for every project you have – daily summary of everything that happened the day before within your project. This is so much more convenient then logging in to every network or even Socio every day. Just look over that email and take action if necessary.

Tip: These are enabled by default and should start arriving within 48 hours of your project setup.
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Export Data

You probably take regular backups of your files and emails. Do you backup your Social Data? With Socio it is enabled right away for all accounts that you have added. All data that we download is available for you to export at any time. Just follow Export Data menu option.

Tip: To download your social data click on “Export Data” menu in the top navigation.
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In- House Support: Our In-house Customer Support & Technical Support Service will guide you through your searches and any technical-related issues.

Consultation: We offer both on-site consultations as well as personalize

Tip: To create an agent click on “Search Agent” tab
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